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Capital University of Science & Technology is established by a federal charter and vested with the authority to award degrees at various levels in all disciplines. It started functioning in 1998 as Islamabad Campus of Mohammad Ali Jinnah University (MAJU) Karachi and achieved its recognition in the country and abroad by maintaining excellent academic standards. In recognition to its academic strength, infrastructure and financial viability, the President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, on 28th Sep. 2015, gave assent to a bill converting it into a law, passed by the Parliament of Pakistan referred to as ‘Capital University of Science and Technology Act’ which transformed MAJU, Islamabad Campus into Capital University of Science and Technology (CUST). As per CUST Act, it is a comprehensive Institution which can have faculties including, but not limited to, Engineering, Medicines, Natural Sciences, Management, Computing, Humanities and Arts.

Currently, CUST has four Faculties: Faculty of Engineering; Faculty of Computing, Faculty of Health & Life Sciences and Faculty of Management and Social Sciences.

Faculty of Engineering has three Departments: Electrical Engineering; Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering. Faculty of Computing has Department of Computer Sciences and Department of Mathematics. Faculty of Health & Life Sciences has Department of Bioinformatics & Biosciences. In the Faculty of Management and Social Sciences, we have Department of Management Sciences.

To ensure the acceptability of our graduates in local as well as in foreign institutions, the University has adopted a widely accepted semester system and offers BS, MS and PhD degrees in compliance to the international norms and standards. Further, our academic programs are accredited by the respective accreditation bodies of the country.

In support of its mission, the key features of the University strategy are:

(a)  Outstanding faculty
(b)  Competitive curriculum
(c)  Industrial linkages
(d)  Well-equipped labs
(e)  Entrepreneurial training
(f)  Conducive learning environment

List of Alumni

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S.NoReg No.NameDegreeYear
1101MPM153035Tehnia Jalil MS Project Management2017
1102MPM153034Maria Khaqan MS Project Management2016
1103MPM153032Shazia Kausar MS Project Management2016
1104MPM153030Maimoona Tariq MS Project Management2018
1105MPM153028Hammad Nasir MS Project Management2018
1106MPM153024Shoaib Ayub MS Project Management2017
1107MPM153023Ahmed Javed MS Project Management2018
1108MPM153022Fouz Ayub MS Project Management2018
1109MPM153021Raja Rizwan Khalid MS Project Management2017
1110MPM153020Asif Mahmood Rehmani MS Project Management2017
1111MPM153018Haroon Naseer MS Project Management2017
1112MPM153016Imad Ud Din MS Project Management2018
1113MPM153015Abbas Gul MS Project Management2018
1114MPM153014Ayesha Tehreem MS Project Management2016
1115MPM153013Bakhtyar Khan Durrani MS Project Management2017
1116MPM153012Usman Kaleem Paracha MS Project Management2017
1117MPM153011Jabran Khan MS Project Management2016
1118MPM153009Mateen U Zaman MS Project Management2017
1119MPM153007Ayesha Jannat MS Project Management2017
1120MPM153005Rafia Ahmad MS Project Management2016
1121MPM153004Ahmed Noor-Ud-Din MS Project Management2018
1122MPM153003Muhammad Irfan Mustafa MS Project Management2018
1123MPM153002Narmeen Kanwal MS Project Management2016
1124MPM151999Attique Ur Rehman MS Project Management2018
1125MMT213035Tooba MuhammadM.Phill (Mathematics)2023
1126MMT213031Muhammad Aqib Zaryab KhanM.Phill (Mathematics)2023
1127MMT213023Humaira JavedM.Phill (Mathematics)2023
1128MMT213005Saba GulM.Phill (Mathematics)2023
1129MMT203028Muhammad Naveed SaniM.Phill (Mathematics)2022
1130MMT203026Shahzana KosarM.Phill (Mathematics)2022
1131MMT203024Hina GulM.Phill (Mathematics)2022
1132MMT203022Mutayba RafiqueM.Phill (Mathematics)2022
1133MMT203021Rimsha ShehzadM.Phill (Mathematics)2023
1134MMT203017Naveed IqbalM.Phill (Mathematics)2023
1135MMT203016Saba BashirM.Phill (Mathematics)2023
1136MMT203015Asma BatoolM.Phill (Mathematics)2022
1137MMT203014Muneeba BibiM.Phill (Mathematics)2023
1138MMT203012Nafisa KanwalM.Phill (Mathematics)2022
1139MMT203011Isma UroojM.Phill (Mathematics)2022
1140MMT203010Khadija ZubairM.Phill (Mathematics)2022
1141MMT203009Kiran TabassumM.Phill (Mathematics)2022
1142MMT203008Kainat KaleemM.Phill (Mathematics)2023
1143MMT203005Iqra HanifM.Phill (Mathematics)2022
1144MMT203004Sania RehmanM.Phill (Mathematics)2022
1145MMT203003Tallha ZaibM.Phill (Mathematics)2023
1146MMT203001Raja Nadeem Ahmed SattiM.Phill (Mathematics)2022
1147MMT193039Zainab RahmanM.Phill (Mathematics)2022
1148MMT193038Maria PervaizM.Phill (Mathematics)2022
1149MMT193037Ammama-Tul-KubraM.Phill (Mathematics)2022
1150MMT193035Abdul DaimM.Phill (Mathematics)2023
1151MMT193034Shahmer AhmadM.Phill (Mathematics)2023
1152MMT193033Khuzaima NasirM.Phill (Mathematics)2021
1153MMT193030Malik Abar ShahzadM.Phill (Mathematics)2021
1154MMT193027Rabia ShafiqM.Phill (Mathematics)2021
1155MMT193025Bushra ZafarM.Phill (Mathematics)2021
1156MMT193024Muhammad IkhlaqM.Phill (Mathematics)2021
1157MMT193022Sahar BanoM.Phill (Mathematics)2021
1158MMT193019Waseem GhazanfarM.Phill (Mathematics)2021
1159MMT193018Shaista Batool M.Phill (Mathematics)2021
1160MMT193016Farhan AhmadM.Phill (Mathematics)2021
1161MMT193015Hassan RazaM.Phill (Mathematics)2022
1162MMT193013Asad Ur RehmanM.Phill (Mathematics)2022
1163MMT193012Ahmad KhanM.Phill (Mathematics)2021
1164MMT193011Tanzeela SultanM.Phill (Mathematics)2022
1165MMT193010Naveed AkhtarM.Phill (Mathematics)2021
1166MMT193009Muhammad Waseem IqbalM.Phill (Mathematics)2021
1167MMT193008Tehmina KhalidM.Phill (Mathematics)2021
1168MMT193007Ayesha BibiM.Phill (Mathematics)2021
1169MMT193005Saira Afzal AlviM.Phill (Mathematics)2021
1170MMT193004Maryam NasirM.Phill (Mathematics)2022
1171MMT193003Muhammad ZeeshanM.Phill (Mathematics)2021
1172MMT193001Aamina KhatoonM.Phill (Mathematics)2021
1173MMT191034Adeela HameedM.Phill (Mathematics)2022
1174MMT191033Zeeshan TariqM.Phill (Mathematics)2021
1175MMT191031NimraM.Phill (Mathematics)2022
1176MMT191030Mehwish IbraheemM.Phill (Mathematics)2022
1177MMT191029Alnaba ShoukatM.Phill (Mathematics)2022
1178MMT191028Muhammad Bilal KhanM.Phill (Mathematics)2021
1179MMT191027Mehreen KhalidM.Phill (Mathematics)2021
1180MMT191026Haseeb Ur RahmanM.Phill (Mathematics)2022
1181MMT191024Bilal AliM.Phill (Mathematics)2021
1182MMT191023Tayyaba ZiaM.Phill (Mathematics)2021
1183MMT191022Rizwan YousafM.Phill (Mathematics)2021
1184MMT191021Zahfran SajidM.Phill (Mathematics)2022
1185MMT191020Muhammad Sikandar ShehzadM.Phill (Mathematics)2021
1186MMT191019Irfan UmarM.Phill (Mathematics)2021
1187MMT191018Humaira ImtiazM.Phill (Mathematics)2021
1188MMT191017Rahila RiazM.Phill (Mathematics)2021
1189MMT191016Muhammad AqeelM.Phill (Mathematics)2022
1190MMT191015Muhammad Babar RashidM.Phill (Mathematics)2022
1191MMT191014Muhammad Ali AbidM.Phill (Mathematics)2022
1192MMT191012Shazia RamzanM.Phill (Mathematics)2021
1193MMT191010Saba AshrafM.Phill (Mathematics)2020
1194MMT191009Mahzad AhmedM.Phill (Mathematics)2020
1195MMT191008Muhammad Faisal KhanM.Phill (Mathematics)2021
1196MMT191007Sajjad HussainM.Phill (Mathematics)2021
1197MMT191006Usman KhaliqM.Phill (Mathematics)2021
1198MMT191003Adil HussainM.Phill (Mathematics)2021
1199MMT191002Abdul QadeerM.Phill (Mathematics)2022
1200MMT183029Syed Amir Ghazi Ali ShahM.Phill (Mathematics)2020