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Capital University of Science & Technology is established by a federal charter and vested with the authority to award degrees at various levels in all disciplines. It started functioning in 1998 as Islamabad Campus of Mohammad Ali Jinnah University (MAJU) Karachi and achieved its recognition in the country and abroad by maintaining excellent academic standards. In recognition to its academic strength, infrastructure and financial viability, the President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, on 28th Sep. 2015, gave assent to a bill converting it into a law, passed by the Parliament of Pakistan referred to as ‘Capital University of Science and Technology Act’ which transformed MAJU, Islamabad Campus into Capital University of Science and Technology (CUST). As per CUST Act, it is a comprehensive Institution which can have faculties including, but not limited to, Engineering, Medicines, Natural Sciences, Management, Computing, Humanities and Arts.

Currently, CUST has four Faculties: Faculty of Engineering; Faculty of Computing, Faculty of Health & Life Sciences and Faculty of Management and Social Sciences.

Faculty of Engineering has three Departments: Electrical Engineering; Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering. Faculty of Computing has Department of Computer Sciences and Department of Mathematics. Faculty of Health & Life Sciences has Department of Bioinformatics & Biosciences. In the Faculty of Management and Social Sciences, we have Department of Management Sciences.

To ensure the acceptability of our graduates in local as well as in foreign institutions, the University has adopted a widely accepted semester system and offers BS, MS and PhD degrees in compliance to the international norms and standards. Further, our academic programs are accredited by the respective accreditation bodies of the country.

In support of its mission, the key features of the University strategy are:

(a)  Outstanding faculty
(b)  Competitive curriculum
(c)  Industrial linkages
(d)  Well-equipped labs
(e)  Entrepreneurial training
(f)  Conducive learning environment

List of Alumni

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S.NoReg No.NameDegreeYear
11301BBA183074Hasnain JahangirBachelor of Business Administration (BBA)2022
11302BBA183075Muhammad AfaqBachelor of Business Administration (BBA)2022
11303BBA183077Saadullah KhanBachelor of Business Administration (BBA)2022
11304BBA183080Syeda Qandeel NaqviBachelor of Business Administration (BBA)2022
11305BBA183081Summaiya FarooqBachelor of Business Administration (BBA)2022
11306BBA183082Muneeb AnwarBachelor of Business Administration (BBA)2022
11307BBA183083Hafiz Muhammad HamzaBachelor of Business Administration (BBA)2022
11308BBA183084Shaista LatifBachelor of Business Administration (BBA)2022
11309BBA183086Muhammad HamzaBachelor of Business Administration (BBA)2022
11310BBA183087Mehreen SyedBachelor of Business Administration (BBA)2022
11311BBA183092Abrar Ahmed ShahBachelor of Business Administration (BBA)2022
11312BBA183093Wajeeha BatoolBachelor of Business Administration (BBA)2022
11313BBA183094Anique Ahmed KiyaniBachelor of Business Administration (BBA)2022
11314BBA183102Muhammad Muneeb AlamBachelor of Business Administration (BBA)2022
11315BBA183104Muhammad Faizan ButtBachelor of Business Administration (BBA)2022
11316BBA183105Tallat AbbasBachelor of Business Administration (BBA)2022
11317BBA183108Hamza AmeerBachelor of Business Administration (BBA)2022
11318BBA193888MohammadBachelor of Business Administration (BBA)2022
11319BBS183001AqsaBS Biosciences2022
11320BBS183002Aneeza MasoodBS Biosciences2022
11321BBS183003Tanzeel KhadamBS Biosciences2022
11322BBS183004Iqra KhalilBS Biosciences2022
11323BBS183005Muhammad HussamBS Biosciences2022
11324BBS183006Bilal QaiserBS Biosciences2022
11325BBS183008Ayesha AsifBS Biosciences2022
11326BBS183010Laiba KhalidBS Biosciences2022
11327BBT181003Ameena AbdulrehmanBS Biotechnology2022
11328BBT181004Amina SarwarBS Biotechnology2022
11329BBT183001Urooj Tanveer Hussain ZiaBS Biotechnology2022
11330BBT183004Zahra KhanBS Biotechnology2022
11331BBT183005Esha SheikhBS Biotechnology2022
11332BBT183006Ayesha ShakeelBS Biotechnology2022
11333BBT183008Muhammad Humayun SheesBS Biotechnology2022
11334BBT183009Wareesha SaeedBS Biotechnology2022
11335BBT183010Nida NaveedBS Biotechnology2022
11336BBT183011Muhammad Hurrarah Bin HamidBS Biotechnology2022
11337BBT183012Kainaat HassanBS Biotechnology2022
11338BBT183013Zainab IlyasBS Biotechnology2022
11339BBT183015Manahil NadeemBS Biotechnology2022
11340BBT183016Aneeza NajeebBS Biotechnology2022
11341BBT183017Sehrish SohailBS Biotechnology2022
11342BBT183018Hina Areej ZafarBS Biotechnology2022
11343BBT183019Ammarah Binte SarwarBS Biotechnology2022
11344BBT183021Sehar AroojBS Biotechnology2022
11345BBT183023Iqra ShakeelBS Biotechnology2022
11346BBT183999Madiha Syed BukhariBS Biotechnology2022
11347BCE173002Muhammad Arsalan NaseerBS Civil Engineering2022
11348BCE173026Muhammad Hassan AltafBS Civil Engineering2022
11349BCE173030Abdul SamiBS Civil Engineering2022
11350BCE183002Muhammad Abdullah KhanBS Civil Engineering2022
11351BCE183003Zeeshan AbbasBS Civil Engineering2022
11352BCE183004Zahidullah KhanBS Civil Engineering2022
11353BCE183007Muhammad Saad HassanBS Civil Engineering2022
11354BCE183009Sardar Abdul Saboor KhanBS Civil Engineering2022
11355BCE183010Umara KhanBS Civil Engineering2022
11356BCE183011Hamedullah KhanBS Civil Engineering2022
11357BCE183012Mir AlamBS Civil Engineering2022
11358BCE183013Abdus Samad FarooqBS Civil Engineering2022
11359BCE183014Abdul Rafay MunawarBS Civil Engineering2022
11360BCE183015Adnan AnwarBS Civil Engineering2022
11361BCE183017Fazal QadeerBS Civil Engineering2022
11362BCE183018Arshad QayyumBS Civil Engineering2022
11363BCE183019Naveed AfaqBS Civil Engineering2022
11364BCE183020Shiza Siraj KhanBS Civil Engineering2022
11365BCE183021Rana Mohid Ullah KhanBS Civil Engineering2022
11366BCE183025Asad IqbalBS Civil Engineering2022
11367BCE183027Muhammad DanishBS Civil Engineering2022
11368BCE183029Muhammad Zohaib AsifBS Civil Engineering2022
11369BCE183031Syed Muhammad HadiBS Civil Engineering2022
11370BCE183033Chaudhary Qasim KhanBS Civil Engineering2022
11371BCE183034Yaseen AsgharBS Civil Engineering2022
11372BCE183036Sameer ZafarBS Civil Engineering2022
11373BCE183037Haider IlyasBS Civil Engineering2022
11374BCE183038Rehan AsifBS Civil Engineering2022
11375BCE183039Haider MasaudBS Civil Engineering2022
11376BCE183042Abbas Ali ShahBS Civil Engineering2022
11377BCE183044Fahad HussainBS Civil Engineering2022
11378BCE183049Muhammad Saad NawazBS Civil Engineering2022
11379BCE183052Hayat Ur Rehman BangashBS Civil Engineering2022
11380BCE183055Muhammad Abdullah SadiqBS Civil Engineering2022
11381BCE183056Muhammad Osama EjazBS Civil Engineering2022
11382BCE183058Awad NawazBS Civil Engineering2022
11383BCE183060Fazal RehmanBS Civil Engineering2022
11384BCE183064Bassam JavedBS Civil Engineering2022
11385BCE183065Junaid ArshadBS Civil Engineering2022
11386BCE183066Aamir KhanBS Civil Engineering2022
11387BCE183067Ali KaifBS Civil Engineering2022
11388BCE183068Jawad JabbarBS Civil Engineering2022
11389BCE183069Ryam Shafiq KhanBS Civil Engineering2022
11390BCE183070Saqib KhalidBS Civil Engineering2022
11391BCE183072Shahnawaz KhanBS Civil Engineering2022
11392BCE183073Muhammad Abdullah QaziBS Civil Engineering2022
11393BCE183074Waheed Arshad KhanBS Civil Engineering2022
11394BCE183076Suleman Ali KianiBS Civil Engineering2022
11395BCE183077Hamid SaqibBS Civil Engineering2022
11396BCE183078Muhammad UsamaBS Civil Engineering2022
11397BCE183080Syed Asad AbbasBS Civil Engineering2022
11398BCE183081Aman UllahBS Civil Engineering2022
11399BCE183082Tayyab Ali RanaBS Civil Engineering2022
11400BCE183083Nouman KhanBS Civil Engineering2022