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Capital University of Science & Technology is established by a federal charter and vested with the authority to award degrees at various levels in all disciplines. It started functioning in 1998 as Islamabad Campus of Mohammad Ali Jinnah University (MAJU) Karachi and achieved its recognition in the country and abroad by maintaining excellent academic standards. In recognition to its academic strength, infrastructure and financial viability, the President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, on 28th Sep. 2015, gave assent to a bill converting it into a law, passed by the Parliament of Pakistan referred to as ‘Capital University of Science and Technology Act’ which transformed MAJU, Islamabad Campus into Capital University of Science and Technology (CUST). As per CUST Act, it is a comprehensive Institution which can have faculties including, but not limited to, Engineering, Medicines, Natural Sciences, Management, Computing, Humanities and Arts.

Currently, CUST has four Faculties: Faculty of Engineering; Faculty of Computing, Faculty of Health & Life Sciences and Faculty of Management and Social Sciences.

Faculty of Engineering has three Departments: Electrical Engineering; Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering. Faculty of Computing has Department of Computer Sciences and Department of Mathematics. Faculty of Health & Life Sciences has Department of Bioinformatics & Biosciences. In the Faculty of Management and Social Sciences, we have Department of Management Sciences.

To ensure the acceptability of our graduates in local as well as in foreign institutions, the University has adopted a widely accepted semester system and offers BS, MS and PhD degrees in compliance to the international norms and standards. Further, our academic programs are accredited by the respective accreditation bodies of the country.

In support of its mission, the key features of the University strategy are:

(a)  Outstanding faculty
(b)  Competitive curriculum
(c)  Industrial linkages
(d)  Well-equipped labs
(e)  Entrepreneurial training
(f)  Conducive learning environment

List of Alumni

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S.NoReg No.NameDegreeYear
11601BC133066Talha Masud MalikBS Computer Sciences2017
11602BCS181063Talha MirzaBS Computer Sciences2021
11603BCS161029Talha NadeemBS Computer Sciences2020
11604BAF183019Talha Naveed AbbasiBS Acounting and Finance2022
11605BME173112Talha OrangzabBS Mechanical Engineering2021
11606MB063008Talha RasoolMaster in Business Administration (MBA) Regular2010
11607MBAR143061Talha TahirMaster in Business Administration (MBA) Regular2018
11608BCS143092Talha TanveerBS Computer Sciences2018
11609L1F99EMBA0Talha WaheedMaster in Business Administration (MBA) Regular2002
11610MB101046Talha YousfMaster in Business Administration (MBA) Regular2013
11611BME183127Talha ZebBS Mechanical Engineering2022
11612BBA183105Tallat AbbasBachelor of Business Administration (BBA)2022
11613MMT203003Tallha ZaibM.Phill (Mathematics)2023
11614MBS181009Tamoor AkhtarMS Biosciences2021
11615EE063114Tamoor Kiani BS Electronic Engineering2010
11616L1S00MBA00Tamoor LatifMaster in Business Administration (MBA) Regular2002
11617EE133020Tamour ZahidBS Electronic Engineering2017
11618EE093109Tamur Ejaz MirzaBS Electronic Engineering2014
11619BB131011Tania CharleneBachelor of Business Administration (BBA)2016
11620BB063046Tania KanwalBachelor of Business Administration (BBA)2010
11621MM103104Tania KanwalMS Management Sciences2013
11622MB042016Tanjeena Omer KhanMaster in Business Administration (MBA) Regular2006
11623BB021005Tanjeena Omer KhanBachelor of Business Administration (BBA)2004
11624MB131035Tanveer AbbasMaster in Business Administration (MBA) Regular2016
11625BCS153111Tanveer AhmedBS Computer Sciences2019
11626EE103138Tanveer AhmedBS Electronic Engineering2014
11627MM141040Tanveer AhmedMS Management Sciences2016
11628MB123025Tanveer Ahmed KhanMaster in Business Administration (MBA) Regular2015
11629MB063007Tanveer Hussain Master in Business Administration (MBA) Regular2010
11630EE083021Tanveer HussainBS Electronic Engineering2013
11631MB081064Tanveer Hussain Master in Business Administration (MBA) Regular2010
11632BC001016Tanveer MazharBS Computer Sciences2004
11633PA141001Tanveer SajidPhD Mathematics2018
11634S96C0017Tanver SattarBS Computer Sciences2002
11635PE022003Tanweer Ahmad CheemaPhD Electronic Engineering2006
11636MB131016Tanweer HussainMaster in Business Administration (MBA) Regular2016
11637BBS183003Tanzeel KhadamBS Biosciences2022
11638R98C0072Tanzeel Tahir ChughtaiBS Computer Sciences2003
11639MS033004Tanzeel Ur RahmanMS Computer Sciences2012
11640BC021039Tanzeel Ur RehmanBS Computer Sciences2009
11641MBAR161017Tanzeel Ur RehmanMaster in Business Administration (MBA) Regular2019
11642BSE161069Tanzeela BibiBS Software Engineering2020
11643MEE163014Tanzeela IrshadMS Electrical Engineering2018
11644MMT193011Tanzeela SultanM.Phill (Mathematics)2022
11645MM121030Tanzila IrshadMS Management Sciences2014
11646BC141043Tanzila KhanBS Computer Sciences2018
11647MMS173027Tanzila NawazMS Management Sciences2019
11648BI141007Taqdees AshrafBS Bioinformatics2018
11649BSP191028Taqdees FatimaBS Psychology2022
11650MBE141002Taqweem InayatMaster in Business Administration (MBA) Professional2015
11651BC991020Tara HussainBS Computer Sciences2003
11652MS021002Tara HussainMS Computer Sciences2009
11653BB053073Tarim KhanBachelor of Business Administration (BBA)2010
11654MS073024Tariq AliMS Computer Sciences2010
11655MC022004Tariq AliMasters in Computer Science (MCS)2006
11656S97B0024Tariq AshrafBachelor of Business Administration (BBA)2002
11657MM131014Tariq AzizMS Management Sciences2015
11658MB041033Tariq AzizMaster in Business Administration (MBA) Regular2007
11659MMS151046Tariq AzizMS Management Sciences2017
11660MM081042Tariq Iqbal KhanMS Management Sciences2010
11661PM101022Tariq Iqbal KhanPhD Management Sciences2015
11662MM063030Tariq JavedMS Management Sciences2009
11663MB111029Tariq KarimMaster in Business Administration (MBA) Regular2014
11664MF043020Tariq MahmoodMS Management Sciences2012
11665EE073115Tariq MahmoodBS Electronic Engineering2012
11666MCE153006Tariq MahmoodMS Civil Engineering2019
11667MB081037Tariq MehmoodMaster in Business Administration (MBA) Regular2010
11668BCS163064Tariq NadeemBS Computer Sciences2020
11669EE073006Tariq NawazBS Electronic Engineering2012
11670MM123072Tariq RashidMS Management Sciences2016
11671BC003017Tariq Zareen KhanBS Computer Sciences2004
11672MCE163017Tasaddaq HussainMS Civil Engineering2018
11673ME133024Tasawar AbbasBS Mechanical Engineering2017
11674MS081017Tasawar HussainMS Computer Sciences2010
11675MM121022Tasawar UsmanMS Management Sciences2014
11676MB081017Tasawar UsmanMaster in Business Administration (MBA) Regular2012
11677MB081070Tasawwar AbbasMaster in Business Administration (MBA) Regular2010
11678BME163066Tashfeen FurqanBS Mechanical Engineering2020
11679BB123030Tashifa NayyabBachelor of Business Administration (BBA)2016
11680MC063003Tasleem WahabMasters in Computer Science (MCS)2010
11681BB063085Tasleem Zahra Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)2010
11682BB053087Tasmia Tariq NiaziBachelor of Business Administration (BBA)2010
11683MM123012Tatheer Abbas MalikMS Management Sciences2018
11684BCS153093Taufeeq-ur-RehmanBS Computer Sciences2021
11685BB073035Taufiq QayyumBachelor of Business Administration (BBA)2012
11686BB093025Tauqeer AhmadBachelor of Business Administration (BBA)2013
11687BB031027Tauqeer AhmadBachelor of Business Administration (BBA)2007
11688MB081040Tauqeer Ahmad ChohanMaster in Business Administration (MBA) Regular2012
11689PE113003Tauqeer AhmedPhD Electrical Engineering2018
11690EE113091Tauqeer AhmedBS Electronic Engineering2015
11691MM123031Tauqeer AhmedMS Management Sciences2015
11692S96C0027Tauqeer HussainBS Computer Sciences2002
11693MBA123009Tauqeer SabirMaster in Business Administration (MBA) Graduate2014
11694MT043006Tauseef AhmedMS Electronic Engineering2009
11695BB063035Tauseef Naeem SyedBachelor of Business Administration (BBA)2012
11696BBA193137Tauseeq HaiderBachelor of Business Administration (BBA)2023
11697BEE153130Tauseeq Ilyas RajaBS Electrical Engineering2019
11698MB003012Tayeeba KhurshidMaster in Business Administration (MBA) Regular2002
11699MBS203037Tayuba IshaqMS Biosciences2022
11700MB041055Tayyab AhmedMaster in Business Administration (MBA) Regular2007