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Capital University of Science & Technology is established by a federal charter and vested with the authority to award degrees at various levels in all disciplines. It started functioning in 1998 as Islamabad Campus of Mohammad Ali Jinnah University (MAJU) Karachi and achieved its recognition in the country and abroad by maintaining excellent academic standards. In recognition to its academic strength, infrastructure and financial viability, the President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, on 28th Sep. 2015, gave assent to a bill converting it into a law, passed by the Parliament of Pakistan referred to as ‘Capital University of Science and Technology Act’ which transformed MAJU, Islamabad Campus into Capital University of Science and Technology (CUST). As per CUST Act, it is a comprehensive Institution which can have faculties including, but not limited to, Engineering, Medicines, Natural Sciences, Management, Computing, Humanities and Arts.

Currently, CUST has four Faculties: Faculty of Engineering; Faculty of Computing, Faculty of Health & Life Sciences and Faculty of Management and Social Sciences.

Faculty of Engineering has three Departments: Electrical Engineering; Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering. Faculty of Computing has Department of Computer Sciences and Department of Mathematics. Faculty of Health & Life Sciences has Department of Bioinformatics & Biosciences. In the Faculty of Management and Social Sciences, we have Department of Management Sciences.

To ensure the acceptability of our graduates in local as well as in foreign institutions, the University has adopted a widely accepted semester system and offers BS, MS and PhD degrees in compliance to the international norms and standards. Further, our academic programs are accredited by the respective accreditation bodies of the country.

In support of its mission, the key features of the University strategy are:

(a)  Outstanding faculty
(b)  Competitive curriculum
(c)  Industrial linkages
(d)  Well-equipped labs
(e)  Entrepreneurial training
(f)  Conducive learning environment

List of Alumni

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S.NoReg No.NameDegreeYear
1001MBE091007Alim Ud DinMaster in Business Administration (MBA) Regular2010
1002BB053043Alina AzharBachelor of Business Administration (BBA)2010
1003MB073005Alina Fatima Master in Business Administration (MBA) Regular2010
1004BBA163045Alina SajjadBachelor of Business Administration (BBA)2020
1005BSE153095Alina SarwarBS Software Engineering2019
1006BCS163103Alina ZahidBS Computer Sciences2020
1007MPM183039Alishba Kamran MS Project Management2021
1008BC123018Alishba KamranBS Computer Sciences2018
1009BSE161007Alishba KausarBS Software Engineering2019
1010BSE191036Alishba SagheerBS Software Engineering2023
1011MEM213010Alishba SiddiqueMS Engineering Management2023
1012BEE193007Alishba TahirBS Electrical Engineering2023
1013MB073013Aliya AhmedMaster in Business Administration (MBA) Regular2010
1014BBA191024Aliya Anwar RindBachelor of Business Administration (BBA)2022
1015MBAR151043Aliya DilshadMaster in Business Administration (MBA) Regular2018
1016BSE163031Aliza TanveerBS Software Engineering2020
1017MEE183018Allah BuxMS Electrical Engineering2021
1018MM111047Ally HasanMS Management Sciences2014
1019MB073078Almas JanjuaMaster in Business Administration (MBA) Regular2012
1020MPM171002Almas Sherin Walayat Malik MS Project Management2018
1021MBS171009Almas ZahraMS Biosciences2018
1022BI093003Almas ZahraBS Bioinformatics2013
1023MMT191029Alnaba ShoukatM.Phill (Mathematics)2022
1024PC141006Altaf HussainPhD Computer Sciences2020
1025MMT173034Altaf HussainM.Phill (Mathematics)2019
1026MB011046Altaf KhattakMaster in Business Administration (MBA) Regular2003
1027BB053009Altmash TanvirBachelor of Business Administration (BBA)2007
1028EE133073Alveena Saher AhmadBS Electronic Engineering2017
1029MBAR153042Alyia WaliMaster in Business Administration (MBA) Regular2018
1030MCE213016Amaan SikandarMS Civil Engineering2023
1031BME183013Amad AhmedBS Mechanical Engineering2022
1032BB043012Amad RafiqueBachelor of Business Administration (BBA)2009
1033MM093003Amal AltafMS Management Sciences2012
1034BBA171997Amal ChaudryBachelor of Business Administration (BBA)2020
1035MEE213006Amama KhanMS Electrical Engineering2023
1036MB141029Aman AzizMaster in Business Administration (MBA) Regular2017
1037BME183021Aman UllahBS Mechanical Engineering2022
1038BCE183081Aman UllahBS Civil Engineering2022
1039MM121020Aman UllahMS Management Sciences2015
1040BC123175Aman Ullah AbbasiBS Computer Sciences2017
1041ME113040Amanat AliBS Mechanical Engineering2015
1042MME173002Amani RoomMS Mechanical Engineering2019
1043MPM191041Amar Ali MS Project Management2020
1044BME193006Amar MalikBS Mechanical Engineering2023
1045MS003002Amara HussainMS Computer Sciences2003
1046MC991008Amara HussainMasters in Computer Science (MCS)2003
1047BCS151034Amber AliBS Computer Sciences2019
1048MC063002Amber HumaMasters in Computer Science (MCS)2010
1049BSE153063Amber MurtazaBS Software Engineering2019
1050BMBE163019Amber QadeerMaster in Business Administration (MBA) Professional2018
1051MB113034Amber YaseenMaster in Business Administration (MBA) Regular2014
1052MMT181017Amber ZaheerM.Phill (Mathematics)2020
1053MB043016Ambreen FatimaMaster in Business Administration (MBA) Regular2007
1054MB123028Ambreen FirdoosMaster in Business Administration (MBA) Regular2015
1055BCS151006Ambreen JavedBS Computer Sciences2019
1056MM091017Ambreen KanwalMS Management Sciences2012
1057MM111051Ambreen KhaliqueMS Management Sciences2014
1058ITMF-BFD-011002Ambreen MalikB.Sc in Fashion Design2009
1059MA131002Ambreen MazharM.Phill (Mathematics)2015
1060BCS181084Ambreen WarisBS Computer Sciences2021
1061BBT181003Ameena AbdulrehmanBS Biotechnology2022
1062MB131015Ameena BaigMaster in Business Administration (MBA) Regular2016
1063MCS183005Ameena SaeedMS Computer Sciences2022
1064BCS153018Ameer AbdullahBS Computer Sciences2019
1065BCS191069Ameer HamzaBS Computer Sciences2022
1066BCS153024Ameer Qambar Abbas ShahBS Computer Sciences2019
1067MMS151036Ameer Taimur Ali KhanMS Management Sciences2016
1068BCE173014Ameer TurabBS Civil Engineering2021
1069MMS151017Amen Razzaq ButtMS Management Sciences2018
1070MBE113028Amena AfzalMaster in Business Administration (MBA) Regular2013
1071MC023017Amena Bashir ChauhanMasters in Computer Science (MCS)2006
1072EE073030Amer shazad BS Electronic Engineering2012
1073MS071018Amer ZaheerMS Computer Sciences2010
1074MMS191003Amid HafeezMS Management Sciences2021
1075MB073006Amin RaufMaster in Business Administration (MBA) Regular2010
1076MEE171012Amin Ul HaqMS Electrical Engineering2020
1077BCS143187Amina AshfaqBS Computer Sciences2018
1078MCS191003Amina AshfaqMS Computer Sciences2021
1079BBS171013Amina BasharatBS Biosciences2020
1080MPM181022Amina Batool MS Project Management2020
1081MPM163022Amina Binat-I-Yousaf MS Project Management2018
1082MB043018Amina JamilMaster in Business Administration (MBA) Regular2007
1083MBE111991Amina KhanMaster in Business Administration (MBA) Professional2014
1084BBT181004Amina SarwarBS Biotechnology2022
1085MS103019Amina SiddiquaMS Computer Sciences2013
1086EE083030Amina SiddiquaBS Electronic Engineering2013
1087BCS183193Amina TahirBS Computer Sciences2022
1088MM141003Amina TariqMS Management Sciences2015
1089BB093063Amina Zahid Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)2013
1090EE073021Amir AfaqBS Electronic Engineering2012
1091BCE163005Amir Aizaz KhanBS Civil Engineering2020
1092MB111039Amir AltafMaster in Business Administration (MBA) Regular2014
1093MEE183008Amir HamzaMS Electrical Engineering2021
1094MCE193031Amir Hamza KhanMS Civil Engineering2022
1095ME123003Amir Hamza SiddiqueBS Mechanical Engineering2016
1096BCE143007Amir HayatBS Civil Engineering2018
1097BC093034Amir IkramBS Computer Sciences2014
1098MM101031Amir IqbalMS Management Sciences2012
1099MCS181010Amir JibranMS Computer Sciences2021
1100BCS193019Amir MahmoodBS Computer Sciences2023