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4th Convocation's Graduates (Degree Awarded by C.U.S.T)

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Medalists of 4th Convocation

Sr.No Reg. Num Name Medal Awarded By
1BB022002Zumara Muzaffar Gold MedalM.A.J.U.
2BB022007Muzaffar Ali KhanSilver MedalM.A.J.U.
3BC013028Ans Zafar Qadir Gold MedalM.A.J.U.
4BC013045Usman Ahmed Bronze MedalM.A.J.U.
5MB031024Jawad MahmoodGold MedalM.A.J.U.
6MB033061Asma Akhtar Gold MedalM.A.J.U.
7MB031039Umm E Amara Silver MedalM.A.J.U.
8MB031055Zohaib Zahid Bronze MedalM.A.J.U.
9MB043061Ayesha Amanullah KhanGold MedalM.A.J.U.
10MB043019Syed Husnain Abdullah Hussain Silver MedalM.A.J.U.
11MC023008Fzaila Riaz Gold MedalM.A.J.U.
12MC023003Muhammad Afzaal AkhtarSilver MedalM.A.J.U.
13MC023023Muhammad Ali Ahsan Bronze MedalM.A.J.U.
14MS023007M Uzair KhanGold MedalM.A.J.U.
15MS033022Shaukat AliGold MedalM.A.J.U.
16MT031017Imran WajidGold MedalM.A.J.U.
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S.NoReg No.NameDegreeYear
1S98D0051Syed Muzammil Ali ShahMasters in Computer Science (MCS)2006
2S98D0018Ghufran FayyazMasters in Computer Science (MCS)2006
3S98D0008Samir FarooqMasters in Computer Science (MCS)2006
4S98B0033Muhammad Mujtaba AliBachelor of Business Administration (BBA)2006
5R96C0031Saif UllahBS Computer Sciences2006
6PE043001Yousaf ZafarPhD Electronic Engineering2006
7PE022003Tanweer Ahmad CheemaPhD Electronic Engineering2006
8PE022002Aqdas NaveedPhD Electronic Engineering2006
9MT031017Imran WajidMS Electronic Engineering2006
10MT031002Muniza SiddiquiMS Electronic Engineering2006
11MS041011Safoora Shakil KhanMS Computer Sciences2006
12MS033034Mobin UddinMS Computer Sciences2006
13MS033033Mohib Ur RehmanMS Computer Sciences2006
14MS033022Shaukat AliMS Computer Sciences2006
15MS033006Imran IhsanMS Computer Sciences2006
16MS023007Muhammad Uzair KhanMS Computer Sciences2006
17MS023004Safeena RamzanMS Computer Sciences2006
18MS021003Zill-E-HumaMS Computer Sciences2006
19MS021001Naureen YaqoobMS Computer Sciences2006
20MC991021Rizwan Bin FaizMasters in Computer Science (MCS)2006
21MC033004Masood Nabi KhanMasters in Computer Science (MCS)2006
22MC033002Adnan Jamil Muhammad Imran AbbasiMasters in Computer Science (MCS)2006
23MC031005Akhnukh Bashir KhanMasters in Computer Science (MCS)2006
24MC023023Muhammad Ali AhsanMasters in Computer Science (MCS)2006
25MC023020Umair TariqMasters in Computer Science (MCS)2006
26MC023017Amena Bashir ChauhanMasters in Computer Science (MCS)2006
27MC023015Rana Asif RehmanMasters in Computer Science (MCS)2006
28MC023014Musabiha AlamMasters in Computer Science (MCS)2006
29MC023012Kamran AhmadMasters in Computer Science (MCS)2006
30MC023010Bazgha BatoolMasters in Computer Science (MCS)2006
31MC023009Waqar QayyumMasters in Computer Science (MCS)2006
32MC023008Fzaila RiazMasters in Computer Science (MCS)2006
33MC023003Muhammad Afzaal AkhtarMasters in Computer Science (MCS)2006
34MC023001Rafaqat AliMasters in Computer Science (MCS)2006
35MC022004Tariq AliMasters in Computer Science (MCS)2006
36MC022003Asif IqbalMasters in Computer Science (MCS)2006
37MC021017Shamaila Bisma KhanMasters in Computer Science (MCS)2006
38MC021010Majid Naseem SaigalMasters in Computer Science (MCS)2006
39MB043076Raja Asad KhurshidMaster in Business Administration (MBA) Regular2006
40MB043075Moaeed AyubMaster in Business Administration (MBA) Regular2006
41MB043072Faisal Saeed SheikhMaster in Business Administration (MBA) Regular2006
42MB043070Syed Ali Bilal ShahMaster in Business Administration (MBA) Regular2006
43MB043061Ayesha Amanullah KhanMaster in Business Administration (MBA) Regular2006
44MB043060Saman AnsariMaster in Business Administration (MBA) Regular2006
45MB043022Syed Irfan ShahMaster in Business Administration (MBA) Regular2006
46MB043019Husnain Abdullah HussainMaster in Business Administration (MBA) Regular2006
47MB042016Tanjeena Omer KhanMaster in Business Administration (MBA) Regular2006
48MB041057Qammer Zaman KhanMaster in Business Administration (MBA) Regular2006
49MB041049Muhammad Aamir SaeedMaster in Business Administration (MBA) Regular2006
50MB033064Danish Ali ShahMaster in Business Administration (MBA) Regular2006